District Homework Policy

The Board of Education believes that homework is an important part of the educational program of the students in San Diego City Schools and should be assigned on a regular basis. Homework should help students become self-directed, independent learners and improve their academic achievements.

Homework assignments should be appropriate to the developmental level of a student and will be used for enrichment, reinforcement, and extension of school experiences. The amount of time usually required to complete homework assignments should gradually increase from a few minutes per day in the primary grades to two or more hours in high school. Each school will develop a homework plan to assure that this policy is fully and properly implemented. It will be the responsibility of each teacher to understand the school plan and participate in it.

The board recognizes that cooperation between parents and the school is necessary for effective home study. Parents are encouraged to take an interest in the homework activities of their children and provide conditions that are conducive to good study habits.

The Board of Education has directed that all students be assigned homework and that the amount be gradually increased from a few minutes per day in the early grades to two or more hours in high school. So far as possible, homework is adjusted to the goals, abilities, and interests of students. Some students may require more time for study than others, and different subjects require different amounts of homework. Therefore, the amount of homework per day may vary, but it is expected that all students will be responsible for completing some homework.

Teachers assign homework to students. All district teachers will explain to students and parents at beginning of the school year their homework plan and how homework will be used in determining grades.

For additional information on the district's Homework Policy, please see Administrative Procedure No. 4720 on the district website.

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